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Frequently Asked Questions

But what if I’ve never danced before? That’s ok. That’s why you come for a Beginners class!                 


What if I’m not coordinated? Bellydance begins with natural movements. Anyone can bellydance. Start slowly in the beginner class, focus on moves-bellydance movements can be learnt.


What do I wear to class? Preferably a stretchy t-shirt, singlet, leotard or crop top with sweatpants, bicycle pants, tights or anything comfortable. The main thing is to be able to move freely.

But I’m too fat/too thin!

Says who! Rest assure the “body police” are banned from class.

Do you have to show your belly?

No. Even when performing, many professional dancers keep their belly covered.

Do bellydancers take off their clothes?

No honey. Those are strippers!


How long will it take before I get good?

You must first understand that bellydancing is not a competitive dance or sport. Each individual moves at her own pace. Overtime, you will develop your own style of expression through bellydancing.


How big is the class?

The class is as small as it can get. From a minimum of 5 students to a maximum of 15. Class is conducted at a dance studio.

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