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~A Dance for the Whole Family~

Oriental Dance as it is known in the Middle-East is a joyous dance for people of all ages to do for fun when they get together with their friends and family!

Some of what we do


~Group Classes

~Private Classes

~Company Workshop

~Function events

    -> Dinner and Dance

    -> Weddings

    -> birthday parties

    -> Anniversary

    -> Festival/Concert 

    ->Theme Party

    -> Restaurant/Nightclub shows

many more, please call to enquire!

Hire Our Bellydancers

Our Professional Dancers are all equipped with the Art of Bellydance steps and movements, history, musical interpretation, cultural features and regional styles all interrelate. They can then share generously with their audience. They have been dancing professionally in all different types of events.


Students attending our course will cover the wealth of Oriental dance style from Middle East and learn the art of Bellydance from steps and movement, history, musical interpretation, cultural features and regional styles all interrelate. Students will be able to develop a fuller understanding in the foundation and principle of the art in Middle Eastern dance.


Teaching a choreography dance, working step by step with our Bellydance teacher will help our student to understand the series of movements that are linked to match appropriate moves to the music. Choreography creates a feeling of safety and confidence when performing. It’s movement looks neat and make a dance look polished. We provide private, groups, as well as online choreography classes for students.



Throughout Middle East, folkloric costume is the traditional attire for provincial dances. With the different attire people are able to tell where they and their dance came from. We sell all the different type of costumes. We can also tailor make your costume according to your request. Our costumes are with great quality.

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