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Our Dance Teacher

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Rania has loved dance all her life. Since the age of 17, she has been involved in artistic exploration through various forms of dance, such as ballroom and social partnership dances. She found her calling in Raks Sharqi (Oriental/Egyptian Style) in 2013 when she studied under the guidance of master teacher Nur Shiblie 

Although she studied primarily under her mentor Nur Shiblie, Rania's dance form is constantly gaining inspiration and influence from a number of dancers from around the world, such as Kazafy, Mahmoud Reda, Khaled Mahmoud and the golden era dancers such as Naima Akef, Samia Gamal, Fifi Abdou to name a few.  She currently is studying under Egyptian Master Teacher; Lubna Emam

Rania also believes that it is important to learn and research deeper into the rich culture and background of bellydance as it is reflected in the performance of the dancer. Hence, just like Shiblie, Rania not only teaches the techniques in bellydance to her students but also the meaning behind the dance/songs and the background/origin of the dance. Rania also has a unique teaching mindset as she encourages her students to develop their own style instead of emulating other dancers.  She believes every student will learn at a different pace and she will patiently coach them as long as they have the passion and drive to improve themselves and achieve the level of expertise in dance that they dream of.

Rania is the choreographer and artistic director of Alhambra bellydance and she herself will be hosting the annual Alhambra bellydance hafla with  a foreign guest dancer and other professional bellydancers from Alhambra bellydance every year

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