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Our Founder

Nur Shiblie had been dancing all her life.  Her early introduction to belly dance was at the age of 10 while watching Egyptian movies. Coincidentally her father with two other partners was among the pioneers to bring in Egyptian movies and music into Singapore at that time.


During her growing up years, she has always been intrigued as well as inspired by Samia Gamal, a popular belly dance turned actress of the 60s era. The love of belly dancing has taken Nur Shiblie across Middle Eastern countries and she travelled to Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states in pursuit of learning and mastering belly dance.


Nur Shiblie never look back since. Her relentless energy and love for this dance form as bought her to learn from every Masters available. She was tutored by Dina, the current darling in belly dancing circuit. Her other teachers include Najwa Fuad, Raqia Hassan, Mahmood Reeda, Mo Geddawi, Aida Nour and many more other Master teachers.


A gifted and talented teacher, she taught techniques and encouraged her students to dance from their heart and not to emulate other dancers. A true believer of people, she cultivated and instilled her students with self-confidents.


To date Alhambra has a pool of students of all ages and levels from basic, beginners to advanced level.

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